WisePoint - Developing the path from knowledge to wisdom.

Information and data is plentiful if not excessive. Our goal is to help you down the path of transforming that pool of knowledge into wisdom for the enhancement of your business.

Who Are We

John McCullough / CoFounder

In 1988, while attending Central Michigan University, John began his professional career as a application developer, joining a startup company founded by a former professor. The day-to-day challenges of a startup equipped John with early and invaluable experiences in the area of software development methodologies, product creation & management, customer service, sales, and marketing. John furthered his career working on projects with Fortune 500 stalwarts such as Ford Motor Company, Chrysler LLC, AT&T, and McKesson. John also acted as the lead developer for the rewrite of the State of Georgia’s Department of Revenue’s individual income tax system in 1999. Since 2004, John has leveraged his extensive experiences in the areas of Web-based applications, document capture, ECM, and search.

Jeff Kirk / CoFounder

A proud graduate of Auburn University in Management Information Systems and Business Administration, Mr. Kirk started his first technology group in 1994 and produced publically sold software titles for healthcare, project management and real estate verticals. From there Mr. Kirk has had opportunities to divest and work with other start-up companies as well as Fortune 500 companies to refine their client management and project management standards while keeping his hands in the technical / programming side of things to stay sharp. Over approximately the last decade, Mr. Kirk has focused on the web-enabled technologies with a heavy concentration on content / document management.

What We Do


Document Capture

We have all experienced the paper overload in every office we step foot in. Effective and intelligent document capture allows you to scan any documents, recognize those documents, add relevant data and store them to your content / document management system.


Content Management Systems

Beyond the old days of databases, content management stores and organizes all digital assets in a usable manner. This enables the client to “create once, use many”.


Portals / Intranets

Data is worthless unless you can access it efficiently. We design portals, intranets and other user interfaces based on your business needs. Our design methodology enables your team to show us what those needs are and how to best enhance your business through encouraging best business practices via guided user interface design.


Custom Programming

You may have the “next big idea” or may simply need to modify an existing system to meet your business requirements. We created numerous tools to interface with many of the current platforms and if needed, we have a team ready to work with you to create new products from only a concept. With our global sourcing model, we can do this much more affordably than you may have thought.

How We Do It

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Content Management Document Management

Utilizing enterprise class tools like WisePoint SRD, Alfresco, Nuxeo and others, WisePoint offers solutions tailored to your business needs. We evaluate the needs of today and plan for potential future business needs.

Document Capture Digital Conversion

Our team has enjoyed a long-term relationship with the team at Ephesoft. While we constantly evaluate all platforms, Ephesoft has consistently risen to the top in meeting our clients' needs. Powerful features combined with ease of use and flexible configurations, make for an amazing product.

We also developed our own set of tools and methods to enhance Ephesoft or convert other digital assets. From storage and retrieval to format and / or metadata conversion, we have a solution for you.

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Custom Programming Global Sourcing

WisePoint developed a system to enhance our experienced programmers AND continuously develop new talent within a mentorship program. This program combined with our ability to allow our team to thrive in an amazing lake town with a high quality of life, creates a cohesive team focused on meeting your business needs.

Why We Do It

WisePoint - Developing the path from knowledge to wisdom.

WisePoint goes beyond simply implementing enterprise class platforms, we strive to partner with our clients in a journey to understanding. Through our many years of experience and our opportunity to serve a wide variety of clients, we gained insights in not only the “hows” of getting things done, we learned the “whys” these systems improve our clients’ operations and decision making.

Simply stated, we desire to assist your company in converting the massive amount of data (or in another word, knowledge) into effective and actionable decisions based on your data (wisdom).


We want to hear from you. Call us at 844-947-3768 or use this form.